Meet our incredible team, infused with talent, creativity, experience and environmental awareness. It’s the perfect blend to deliver a unique and delicious culinary experience into the comfort of your own home.

Anthony Garlando

ORO sushi

Chef Anthony Garlando, co-creator of Oro, designed this menu as a culmination of a culinary pursuit in worldwide flavour combinations. Working for years alongside Michelin starred chefs developing European dishes and establishing expertise in Japanese food in Nobu and Zuma, Chef Anthony is a master of weaving new ideas into traditional recipes. In Oro, he brings an expression of Australian seaside flavours that he grew up with to this exciting new twist on a Japanese menu.

Alexandre Santamaria

ORO sushi

Alexandre Santamaria brought the Oro concept to life amid the drastic industry landscape of 2020. Rising to the challenge of reaching diners in new ways, Alex created this new model of upmarket dark kitchen with a relentless desire to share craft, concepts and food with customers and friends.

Nick Yeatman

ORO sushi

Nick Yeatman is the guiding force in our ambition to make Oro a green company with minimal environmental impact. He is a disruptor of traditional business models and thrives on changing mindsets within high-pressure industries.

Find out how Oro is working to save the planet with sustainable practices.